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            首頁產品及方案光電P+F 測距光電激光測距 VDM100-150-SSI/G2

            P+F 測距光電激光測距 VDM100-150-SSI/G2

            Distance sensor for positioning tasks accurate to the millimeter, PRT, measuring range up to 150 m, SSI interface - switchable to RS-422, M12 plug

            參數表節選:的技術參數 VDM100-150-SSI/G2

            Distance sensor for positioning tasks accurate to the millimeter, PRT, measuring range up to 150 m, SSI interface - switchable to RS-422, M12 plug
            General specifications
            Measurement range 0.3 ... 150 m
            Light source laser diode
            Laser nominal ratings
            Laser class Measurement laser: 1 
            Alignment laser: 2
            Wave length Measurement laser: 905 nm 
            Alignment laser: 660 nm
            Measuring method Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT)
            Diameter of the light spot < 35 cm at 150 m
            Resolution 0.1 mm , adjustable
            Functional safety related parameters
            MTTFd 120 a
            Mission Time (TM) 20 a
            Diagnostic Coverage (DC) 0 %
            Indicators/operating means
            Function indicator 4 LEDs
            Control elements Control panel (4 membrane keys) for setting parameters
            Electrical specifications
            Operating voltage 18 ... 30 V DC
            Interface type SSI
            Input/output type 2 PNP inputs/outputs, independent configuration, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected
            Switching threshold low: Ue < 6 V,
            high: Ue > 16 V
            Compliance with standards and directives
            Directive conformity EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
            Standard conformity
            Product standard EN 60947-5-2:2007
            Laser class IEC 60825-1:2007
            Mechanical specifications
            Degree of protection IP65
            Connection 4-pin, M12x1 connector, standard (supply) ,
            5-pin, M12x1 connector, B-coded (SSI) ,
            8-pin, M12x1 connector, service
            Housing ABS / PC
            Optical face PMMA , hard coated

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